Our values

For us, state of the art portfolio management means combining our extensive expertise in the banking industry with our international network of recognized professionals. SunPartners seeks to provide objective, efficient and appropriate investment solutions to each client. As our company is controlled and managed by its senior partners, we act as a unique and truly independent point of contact. This organization offers flexibility to satisfy each client’s needs while maintaining efficiency and providing distinctive access to a complete range of banking services.

Independence: SunPartners is truly independent. Autonomy is essential to provide tailor-made investment services while maintaining a high level of objectivity and professionalism. The company is controlled by the founding partners supported by dedicated teams of investment specialists. Having access to a wide network of investment professionals, including custodian banks and asset managers, our ambition is to select best in class investment opportunities.

Integrity: Trust is the keystone of our work. We therefore employ our efforts to protect the confidence given by our clients in order to establish durable and sustainable partnerships. Our growth driver has mostly been through high retention & client referral, a fact that makes us proud.

Focus: We focus on what we do best, being managing our clients’ portfolio. In order to provide our counterparties and clients with the most professional service, we rely on a network of professional providers including IT, accounting and legal support.